What volleyball has taught me about team collaboration at work

  • Eyes on the ball: It means to focus on what is happening. We need to have our focus on the game, and that is, on the ball. We never know when we will need to run for it or ding on the floor to catch it. Being focused helps us identify when things go wrong and enable us time to react quickly.
  • Bend your legs: it means to be ready to act any time. When playing volleyball, if you have your legs bent, it is easier for you to catch the ball in whatever way it comes, high or low. Being ready means no surprise. A good player is always waiting for the ball.
  • Hug your team: it means always celebrate. You will see that the whole team hug each other after every point. But you will also see that the team that just lost the point will always reunite in the center of the court. As mentioned, sometimes things do not go as expected. However, the team still gets together to encourage each other and start over.
  • Can we finally stop making excuses when things go wrong?
  • Are we ready to step in and save the game?
  • Will we stop being spectators and start being accountable for those who work with us?



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Victor Boscatt

Victor Boscatt

Transforming automotive mobility through Communication and Employer Branding at CARIAD — A Volkswagen Company.