From event management to employer branding: how I reshaped my career in my early 30s

  • Changing career means starting from zero. We assume that when we decide to change our career direction, we need to start all over again. It may require you to retrieve a few steps back, but I believe that all the experience and knowledge gained in the past can and should be applied in the new journey. Whether the switch is from marketing to finance or from operations to human resources, some values and experiences within us do not differentiate the industry we are working in. Skills like creativity, prioritization, sociability, teamwork, accountability, commitment, and leadership can be applied in any field. Strengthen and gain confidence in what you already know.
  • You have to go back to university. Starting a new career will require learning many new things, but that does not necessarily mean that you need to go back to university. A few professions will require you to go to university right away, like a lawyer, a doctor, or a teacher, but you can start small in most cases. In my case, before I decided to get a certification in employer branding, I started to learn smaller concepts that would help me take smaller steps: connecting brand, business, and behaviors, recruiting, managing people, HR history, project management, etc. For me, it was essential to connect the dots one step at a time. Learn and investigate what you don’t know.
  • A profession is for life. A career should be about motivation, and I am sure we all have more than one thing that motivates us, so why do one thing for the rest of our lives? When I started noticing my interest in engaging people at work, I first thought that this would take me into something like corporate social responsibility. But the more I looked into what excited me and how I wanted to use my skills, I realized that I wanted to work in employer branding and employee experience. Find what motivates you and give it a purpose.
  • Are you motivated in your current job?
  • Are you using your skills in projects that excite you?
  • What skills and experience can you use in a different profession?
  • What do you need to learn to excel in a new profession?



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Victor Boscatt

Victor Boscatt

Transforming automotive mobility through Communication and Employer Branding at CARIAD — A Volkswagen Company.